I attended my first Business Intelligence webinar hosted by Pragmatic Solutions.  They plan to host webinar sessions every Tuesday and Thursday between 11 am and 12 pm EST for all of 2011 and I do plan to attend many of them as I continue to increase my knowledge in Business Intelligence and SQL Server technology.

In this first session, Mike Davis discussed how to troubleshoot SSIS packages as you work through them.  I thought it was a very good session and took a couple of nuggets from the session which I attended.  These include…

  • When changing expressions involving database names and file names, check connection expressions and SSIS configuration packages which may overwrite changes to such items as part of troubleshooting
  • When changing a step in the data flow at the top of the process, check all steps below which feed it to make sure of the impact on those subsequent steps
  • You can collapse execution results to focus on errors in the Execution Results tab
  • When using variables from a script, ensure to include them in the Read Only Variables/Read Write Variables section.
  • Breakpoints can be used during debugging to help troubleshoot issues.  Make sure all breakpoints are deleted before releasing the package to production.
  • Handle all error handling in the Event Handler tab and not as a script task (particularly multiple links)
  • SQL commands are recommended for loading from tables versus grabbing entire tables to ensure against pulling unwanted data and it not as vunerable to table structure changes as it would be for a full table load.

Like I mentioned I gleamed a lot of nice information about SSIS usage and plan to attend many of these sessions in the future where I will comment on them through this blog.  Please comments as I am big fan of information sharing where technology is concerned.