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This is a picture of a tank drone from the Transformers Beast Machines series, as the picture dictates it does come with the missle.

Tank Drone

This next image is of Gaiden robots from a particular series I cannot remeber but hey they look good and are complete.

Gaiden Robots

This is Black Arrachnia from the Beast Machines series. Nice looking, comes with a stand and should be complete.

Black Arrachnia

This is a lion figure – a deluxe one from the Beast Machines line named Snarl.

Beast Wars Lion

This figure is Inferno from the Beast Wars CGI series. It is complete with missles and gun.


This is slick looking Cheetor from the Beast Machines line. It is a complete figure and it comes with a stand and two battle blades which I picked up at a BotCon.


This figure is the motorcycle general from the Beast Machines series. His name is Thrust. He comes with the missle which is part of the figure as shown.

Motorcyle General

This is a dinobot stegasaurus from the Beast Machines Transformers line. His name is Striker.  He is complete, I like the figures whose stuff combines neatly into its beast mode.

Dinobot Stegasarus

This is Rampage from the Beast Wars saga. I do have his three missle launcher with the missles although not pictured.


This is Tankorr from the Beast Machines saga. I do not have the missle but otherwise the figure is in good condition.


This is the dump truck figure of the Combiners. Though not pictured I do have the rear dump component in my possession.

Dump Truck - Combiner

This is the hoe truck figure of the Combiners. Though not pictured I do have the actual hoe which serves as a weapon in my possession.

Hoe Truck - Combiner

This is the hook figure of the Combiners. Though not pictured I do have the hook, containing the rifle in my possession.

Hook - Combiner

This is Storm Jet, air force general of the flying drones of Beast Machines. Missles are included.

Storm Jet

At one time, somewhere between first few generations of Transformers, they made these weapon like dudes. I have three of them, ready to let them go.

Three Weapon Dudes

This is the body of one of the Head Masters. His name is Hardhead, but unfortunately I do not have his head.

Head Master Body

This is Stinkor, Transmetal 2 scout class figure from Beast Wars.


These are the omnibots which at one time was only available by mail through rebate. They should have their weapons included as pictured.  Their names are Camshart, Overdrive and Downshift.


This Punch/CounterPunch from the first generation of Transformers, can become Autobot or Decepticon.


This is a version of Optimus Primal first associated with the Beast Machines line with throwing flaming star.

Optimus Primal

This is Sandstorm and Springer from the first Transformer animated movie, and Generation 2 line. They are both triple changes and members of the Autobots. Both are complete with weapons.


These are scout level Beast Wars figures. The frog is the original Spittor, The brown furry dude is the Tasmanian Devil which can be launched by its tail named Snarl. The third is an earwig whose name is PowerPinch, the last is an armadillo named Armordillo.

Scout Level Beast Wars

These are more Beast War figures. The golden eagle is the original Air Razor. One of them is a crab named Razor Claw. The third, I know is a form of insect whose name is Retrax – a deluxe level figure.

More Beast Wars

In this bunch, there is a Fuzor which is bull and bat combined named Noctorro, a second is a bufallo from Beast Machines whose name is Longhorn and the third is the original Waspinator complete with missles.

More Beast Wars

This is the actual first version of Beast Wars Megatron as an alligator before the released the version which became a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The second is the original Rhino Rhinox figure from the Beast Wars. Both are complete figures.


These three figures are a pteranadon – deluxe, and a stegasaurus named Triceradon from Beast Machines. The third is a mutant (no robot mode) fuzor (alligator/bat) named Soundwave.

Beast Wars Figures

These three figures are another version of Transmetal 2 Spittor as a Predacon (RID version). The second figure is Megatron (Beast Machines version). The third comes from Transformers Robots in Disguise (RID), named X-Brawn.

More Figures...

The first figure is a Transmetal 2 scout, a bat named Sonar. The second is a Transmetal 2 figure – deluxe that looks like a Ram named Ramulus. The third is from Transformers RID, named Side Burn.

More Figures...

This is a Transmetal 2 Ant – Voyager class. His name is Scavenger.

Transmetal Ant

The top figure is Transmetal 2 Cheetor, the second incarnation. The second figure is a yellow jacket like figure named Scourge – a deluxe figure.

Transmetal 2 Figures

These are two figures which McDonalds released during the Transformers Beast Wars saga. Rare I am sure. They seem to be Beast Machines Megatron and Beast Wars Tarantulus.

McDonalds Figures

This is depth charge. A Transmetal 2 figure, a Voyager class figure which is well known to those who followed the Beast Wars.


The first figure is a jet from the RID saga named Windrazor. It is complete including its gun. The second is Scavenger from Beast Machines line and the third is the half wolf/half dragon character which is the part of Megatron from Beast Machines which he tried to purge. His name is Beast Changer.

BM and RID

The first figure is a Japanese version which resembles a dinosaur. The second is Reptilion from Beast Wars and the third is a wasp, scout class from Beast Machines named Buzzsaw.

Beast War Figures

This is a two jet set decepticon who are two figures but can combine. I think the team name is Dreadwing.

Two Jet Set

This is the Beast Wars Magnaboss set. Their names are Ironhide, Prowl and I think the name of the eagle is Silverbolt.

Magnaboss Characters

This is a second Reptilion figure (missing the missle) and this Transmetal 2 figure is one of a wolf, whose name is JawBreaker – a deluxe figure.

Beast War Figures

 The first top figure is Beast Machines version of BlastCharge.  The second figure is deluxe Transmetal 2 figure of Air Razor and the third is the Transmetal 2 version of Rattrap.  


The first figure is Transmetal 2 deluxe figure of Prowl (owl figure).  The second is a Killer Whale/Elephant deluxe fuzor named Torca, while the third is a deluxe Beast Wars figure named K-9.  

Beast Wars

The first figure is a Transmetal 2 deluxe figure of Tarantulus – well known figure in the Beast Wars.  The second is a Transmetal 2 Voyager class figure named Cybershark (missing 1 missle).  

Beast Wars

These are the two Beast Wars dinobots figures from the CGI series.  The bottom figure is the orginal dinobot figure who joined the Maximals.  The top figure is the Transmetal 2 version which was resurrected by Megatron after the first version died in battle.  


The first figure is Transmetal 2 version of Terrasaur.  The second is a penguin Japanese Beast Wars figure.  The last two are RID scout figures named Tow-line and Skid-Z respectively.  

BW and RID figures

The first figure is one of the first predacons of Voyager class from the Beast Wars line named Scorponok.  The second is a Voyager class Beast Wars baboon figure named B’Boom.  

Beast Wars Voyagers

The first figure is a deluxe angler fish/bumble bee fuzor named Injector.  The second is a voyager class Beast Wars figure named Transquitto.  


The first is a voyager class Beast Wars maximal commander figure named Polar Claw.  The second is one of deluxe fuzors named Silverbolt.  This one premiered quite well in the Beast Wars saga.  

Polar Claw/Silverbolt

The first figure is a scout class fuzor figure named Buzzclaw.  The second is final Transmetal 2 version of Cheetor.  The third is a Transmetal 2 scout class figure named Night Glider.  

Buzzclaw/Cheetor/Night Glider

This is the Decepticon micromaster anti-aircraft base commanded by Blackout and Spaceshot, a pair of mini-con combiners.  

Micromaster Anti-Aircraft Base

This is the three predacon group which combine to form Tripredacus.  The three figures names are Cicadon (cicada), Ram Horn (scarab beetle) and Sea Clamp (lobster).  


Troubleshooting SSIS Webinar

I attended my first Business Intelligence webinar hosted by Pragmatic Solutions.  They plan to host webinar sessions every Tuesday and Thursday between 11 am and 12 pm EST for all of 2011 and I do plan to attend many of them as I continue to increase my knowledge in Business Intelligence and SQL Server technology.

In this first session, Mike Davis discussed how to troubleshoot SSIS packages as you work through them.  I thought it was a very good session and took a couple of nuggets from the session which I attended.  These include…

  • When changing expressions involving database names and file names, check connection expressions and SSIS configuration packages which may overwrite changes to such items as part of troubleshooting
  • When changing a step in the data flow at the top of the process, check all steps below which feed it to make sure of the impact on those subsequent steps
  • You can collapse execution results to focus on errors in the Execution Results tab
  • When using variables from a script, ensure to include them in the Read Only Variables/Read Write Variables section.
  • Breakpoints can be used during debugging to help troubleshoot issues.  Make sure all breakpoints are deleted before releasing the package to production.
  • Handle all error handling in the Event Handler tab and not as a script task (particularly multiple links)
  • SQL commands are recommended for loading from tables versus grabbing entire tables to ensure against pulling unwanted data and it not as vunerable to table structure changes as it would be for a full table load.

Like I mentioned I gleamed a lot of nice information about SSIS usage and plan to attend many of these sessions in the future where I will comment on them through this blog.  Please comments as I am big fan of information sharing where technology is concerned.

Ran My First Half Marathon

On January 8th of this year, I ran my very first half marathon.  For those of you who do not know, a half marathon is a 13.1 mile race.  This race took place at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  It began rather early in the morning, at approximately 5:30 am which was great for me because I do my best running first thing in the morning.  I ran the race with my fraternity brother from Tallahassee – Dr. Juan Guardia. 

This is a race I have trained for, for the last 2 and a half years.  I started by trying to run 3 miles at a time.  When I first began I could barely get myself past a mile but in a couple of weeks after dilligently trying I managed to complete one half of the leg, walk a quarter of a mile , and then run the rest.  With enough repeated attempts I was able to run the full three miles without stopping.  Not too long I started running 5K races with some of my fraternity brothers at Disney World as well as a few in Jacksonville.  As my running ability improved, I had many thoughts about running longer  races.

What got me started on my way was when I began working for Lender Processing Systems.  In the IT department where I work, I work with a few gentlemen who are very good runners.  As I began running during my lunch hour, they would join me and as they got their running legs back, they would push me beyond my limits allowing me to venture into running 5 and 6 mile lengths rather than the 3 mile ones I was used to, so eventually I began wondering if I could run a half marathon. 

As I kept tellimg myself that one day that I would do it, an opportunity presented itself when Juan made the commitment to run the race in Disney.  After much deliberation I decided to do it and just made the deadline at Disney for registration.

Juan and I ran the race and we did great for 10 miles, running neck in neck, and then I hit my wall where my “dogs” weren’t barking, they were howling !!!  But I was determined to finish the race so althought it required a little bit of walking and a whole lot of hobble-jogging, I finished the race in 2 hours, 16 minutes, 47 seconds. 

I am very encouraged by the results and I am proud, but as I look forward, I am looking forward to the next half marathon, although for now, I am training for the Gate River Run.

Welcome to My New Site !!

Welcome to This is my first post. I welcome you to my new blog site using word press which I have used to support my church’s website – for many years now.  I am excited to have this new site and plan to use it to mainly post technical articles and discuss training and projects I am working on to further my technical expertise.  I will also however use the site to post articles about items of interest for me including my love or running and exercise among others.  I encourage people to read and post ideas as they go through the site. See you in cyberspace.


Carlos “Sabor”